Davy D, Davy D sounds like an Irish Jig

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There are occasions when you realise the hard work and the long hours have been worth it. Stephen at Sailorpoet has spent the past week reading my back catalogue at Inside the Mind of Davy D and wrote this response on his blog. To say I am humbled is an understatement.

Please visit him at his blog and take time to read through his poetry and prose. Not only is he a wonderful writer but his heart,  generosity and the effort he puts in to support other writers knows no bounds.






Davy D, Davy D, feels like the start of an Irish jig, or maybe an Irish sailor’s drinking song, perhaps by the end of this post, we will have written said lyrics for your next pub crawl. Of course, reading Davy D has had nothing to do with the Irish, drinking, or jigs. Davy has been with us since 2015, and as such in this small community growing up in the backside of night, is a veritable old man and I do know that many of us remain grateful to him for his wisdom, encouragement and friendship. Finding a comment from him under my bell is like a little jolly rancher to get me through another line of verse, always positive, always encouraging. Diving into the deep end of his writing, I have discovered a kindred spirit, like many of us, looking for a safe vehicle to transport these…

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The Seriousness of Haiku

The Seriousness of Haiku



Different Lines

Different Lines

The street looks different through scratched Perspex and burning petrol. Buildings and people morph into a grey spectrum – speed of shadows providing distinction. Despite hundreds of voices chanting “kill the pigs” and the thud of bricks and scaffolding poles on riot shields, I still hear my heartbeat and taste fear inside choking acrid smoke. God placed me in a privileged box and I struggle to connect with their rage, their poverty, their isolation; thinking only of how to keep family and friends away from a eulogy.

Anger floods the street
Waves of hatred roll against
The Establishment

© Davy D 2017

True Faith (Reprise)

True Faith (Reprise)

This post is in response to last weeks post True Faith. I thought in the interest of fair play the Vicar should have a right to reply. For those of you reading this for the first time, it may be worth having a look at last weeks rhyme to get the gist of the story.

Poetic Motivations:35

Poetic Motivations_35



The Backside of Night : A Compilation (so far)… Courtesy of Sailorpoet



Inspiration and collaboration on WordPress. How working together can inspire poetry.


It began here with a simple comment by a new blogger starting to build his own community by responding to an established blogger as his blogging university course told him to do…


thereluctantpoet picked up on the idea and tried to begin a trend:


and not to be deterred, he tried again to start a trend:


Checking in with a Reluctant Poet

This time it took…





but wait… have I written one? AH! Yes… the poem that inspired the Gecko and Mouse colabs!

In Response to a Poet’s Love Song of 1/24/17

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In Search of Banksy

In Search of Banksy

Image Credit:  Adapted from Freeimages.com


Scratch a brick
and feel
a generation’s




Inside – movement forces us to
make history and place our
handprints on four walls

Outside – secretive murals drag us
from comfort blankets and
draw question marks on
value and belief systems

© Davy D 2017


A big thank you to Maria over at Doodles and Scribbles and her poem If I Could Build a House that provided the seed for this poem. If you are unfamiliar with Banksy’s art take a look at Banksy.co.uk


The Backside of the Night

The Backside of the night

A big thank you to Charles at The Reluctant Poet, Gina at Singledust and Mr.S at Sailorpoet for providing the inspiration for this poem. Please visit these excellent poets and have a go at continuing the inspiration.