Above and Below

Above and Below

Poetic Motivations:49

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Hanging Out With Red Kites

Red Kite Radio

This week has been a surreal week and I have been hanging out with Red Kites; not the feathered versions but the great team who have just launched our new local radio station, Red Kite Radio.

The radio station launched on Sunday the 18th of June 2017 and I was honoured to be the first ever guest on Red Kite Radio reading live my poem (pictured above), dedicated to the new station.  Below is evidence of the big day (just in case the Poetry Police are monitoring) and for Mrs.D who says I have the perfect face for radio.


Davy D points poignantly at a wall.

Every Monday starting from July 3rd 2017 I will be on the Howard Bond show between 3.20pm and 3.30pm talking about poetry, reading some of my poetry and poetry written by local writers, as well as some of the more famous and well known poems.

This has kick started a project to include recordings of some of my longer poems and excerpts from the radio bits on the blog, which will also be starting on Inside the Mind of Davy D in July.

You can find Red Kite Radio locally in the UK on 107.2 FM and the station will be available on the internet soon.

In readiness for my first appearance I’m off to buy a Cravat and a Persian Cat.



Thoughts of a Traveller

sunset-at-miyajima-1234881-1280x960Image Credit: Freeimages.com

Immersed in Basho,
a darkening world dissolves
in haiku footsteps.

On mirrored water,
dancing Boatmen bring lightness
to poetic thought.

Lavender odours
quash the stench of terrorists,
and, in the reading,

nature brings reason
for participating in
each given moment.

© Davy D 2017

Poetic Motivations:48

Poetic Motivations_48




Coffee With Basho

Coffee with Basho

When times are tough or when things start to darken your soul, do you have a favourite poem or poet you like to retreat to? The work of Japanese Haiku Master, Basho, provides a bolthole for me on such occasions, and recent events in the UK have led me to revisit his poetry.

In his sketch, The Records of a Travel- Worn Satchel, Basho advocated “all who achieve greatness in art possess one thing in common………. they are one with nature.” He spent his time travelling alone around Japan and getting closer to nature. He found the solitude (shabi) helped to block out distraction and enabled him to find lightness (karumi) and a spirit of poverty (wabi) to write his haiku.

Reading Basho takes you into the heart of nature, blocks out the distractions provided by a world seemingly hell bent on destroying itself. Sometimes the noise from current events provides a disconnect from our reason for being. Reconnecting with Basho has reconnected me with nature. I have experienced again, the feel of wet grass on bare feet, watched bees dancing amongst the lavender, listened to the blackbird announcing the dawn.

Basho’s work reminds us that the awe and simplicity of nature will always shine a light in the darkness.

What poems or poets provide an escape for you? I would love to hear about them.

Why not pop over to the Go Dog Go Café. I’ve taken Basho’s poetry over there and there’s coffee and a café haiku going on.

The Power of Prayer

The Power of Prayer.jpg

We prayed for rain
And it rained
It rained.

We prayed for it to stop
And it stopped
It stopped.

Now we need rain

What can we do?

My knees can’t take any more.

© Davy D 2017