Boxing Clever

boxes-1172056-1280x960It is strange how we can get stuck in our ways of thinking. Our brain is a great labeller. It likes order and putting things into boxes.

Recall a moment when you met someone for the first time. What were you thinking?

I bet it would involve attaching some sort of label to them. “They seem nice,” “you’re a bit noisy, “I might struggle to get on with you.” It’s the brain trying to fit your experience into a box.

This is where I currently find myself with my writing. When I complete a piece of work, through one of the course exercises, I immediately place a label on it. That piece of written work would make a short story, that piece would be the basis for a poem. The work is placed into one box.

I recently read a blog post on the Open College of the Arts website titled, Christine’s Violets. The post effectively demonstrated how an everyday observation could be used as a piece of prose and also for a piece of poetry. Each piece created different images, with the varying writing styles providing alternative perspectives.

The learning I have taken from this is that when producing a piece of writing it could be placed in numerous boxes, not just the one.

I would welcome any other thoughts on this.


Creativity does not, by virtue of its intrinsic nature, fit into any box!


    Granparents R Us. Thank you for reading and commenting. There are a number of contrasting views around creativity and the brain. My view is that the brain cannot know what is has not experienced. When we are being creative we are accessing memories and experiences and connecting things that maybe the brain has not connected before. In essence, it is joining up different boxes. What are your thoughts on this?


Interesting, and I would agree that it’s very easy to do that. I often will have an idea and peg it as a short story or a poem, but sometimes it could absolutely be many more. It’s important to give ourselves options, having an open mind and being willing to scribble as many half baked ideas we turn out; some we’ll use, others, maybe not. I just keep a running tab of ideas, and allow the theme of a specific short story idea, be the a theme that inspires me, perhaps, for a poem in the future.

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    I totally agree. I must admit I am getting better at this. I now sometimes write a poem and see other poems within it, looking at the subject from another perspective. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.

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I agree with DMGbyrnes, and just riff away and see what happens… clearly most of my boxes now are verse-ish, probably because my mind has rewired itself that way. However, I do try to get myself around some other ways of writing… without terribly much success.


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