Help! I’ve Got Social Media Brain Freeze.

The Scream

How did I get into this state?

It was simple at the outset. Decide to learn and improve my writing. Keep a blog that would document my progress towards a degree in Creative Writing. Share it with the world and get some feedback. Maybe make some new friends and gain some new experiences.

Then it happened. I entered into this world called Social Media. I am now Tweeting, Pinteresting (I made that word up), Facebooking, Linking In, Google +ing, You-Tubing, Instagramming and Scriggling.
I am reading books, blogs and emails on Social Media marketing, blogging and how to get new followers. (Do they think I’m the new Messiah?)

It has all got a bit too much, my brain has frozen.

If there is anyone out there with any, understandable, advice for a new writer and how to tackle Social Media, it would be gratefully accepted.


Yes! Sometimes, I take a break – as in abstinence. I feel that social media is second to actually reading and writing. I also have a family. Social media experts wouldn’t want to hear me say this, but we are being trained to think it’s the be all and end all. I still think ranking for keywords, as in being found in a Google search, is time better spent – not that I’ve arrived. But when I stop and think about how I found many of my favorite blogs, it was from typing in a search term. Many of the successful “How To” blogs, like Blog Tyrant, have confirmed this. Social media does play into search engine rankings, unfortunately. If this helps, and maybe you’ve already done so, I’ve heard the trend is to only use a couple of social media platforms.

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    Thanks Laura, I am starting to understand it a little more since I wrote the post. I now tend to use WordPress and Twitter and occasionally Instagram. I will have a look at the Blog Tyrant. Thanks for the tip and taking time out to comment on the post.

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When I looked at the date of the post, I figured you’d worked it all out by now. I enjoy sharing these experiences with other writers, though. I’m enjoying your posts and getting to know someone across the pond!

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    Likewise Laura. I have connected with a few writers from the USA / Canada and the Philippines and it is good to get another perspective on life. Looking forward to some more interesting conversations in the future.

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Davy, I completely sympathize. I’m in the same time-leaky boat. Determined to learn how to better manage social media this year so that it serves my writing rather than consuming my writing time. I’ll let you know if I find any great solutions.

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    That would be great Amy. I am looking to expand the blog next year and trying to write my first book of poetry, so time will be precious. There are so many platforms and pieces of advice out there it is difficult to know which way to go.


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