Waiting For A Train: Part 1

waiting-for-the-train-1530794-640x480Neon light throws shadows of
lampposts across the platform.
Winter’s wind rattles the bones
of the shelter.
Inside, blue and yellow shout
out Oxford to London.
Stillness and an empty coke can
my early morning companions.

The whirring door announces company.
A young couple, eyes locked
in a magnetic gaze.
A business man, suit and trainers?
The modern day eclectic mix.
Conversation replaces silence.
The whirring now constant.
Feet march across cold slate.
Laptops open.
Mobiles flash.
Pen meets paper.
An army prepares.

“The train now arriving at platform 2”
Frantic dashes of black,
grey and blue.
The herd cramming
through the doors.
In a moment, solitude and silence return
as my only companions.


I like this, Davy well done 🙂


Can’t wait for Part 2! Thank you Davy D.

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The sounds, the people, the feel – you captured it all, Davy. This is wonderful!

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