The Night Pig


Dark eyes and snout appear
from the rustling undergrowth.
The slick backed spinal wig
illuminated by the garden light.

She emerges centimetre by centimetre.
Legs purposeful, but without rhythm,
slowly advancing on a prey
not designed for resistance.

Frantically she snuffles the cat food.
Each mouthful broken by a
glance for enemies,
occasionally hoovering surrounding debris.

The sprint into darkness,
indicating meal over.
A final rustle bids goodbye
and thank you.


Davy I love this… Only line I stumbled over was the ‘occasionally hoovering surrounding…’ maybe a syllable overload! But really Great Stuff 😉



    Thank you once again for taking the time out to read this and for the valuable feedback. I have just had the feedback for my first assignment. This was one of the pieces I submitted and the feedback said the same thing. I will look at this again and work on re-drafting that line.

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