A Penguin Calls

Penguin came
into the house
last night – a female Emporer. She
was lying on top of a
radiator reading a book,
Lord of the Flies- about
survival. I watched for hours,
her beak turning the pages,
an occasional nod of approval.
She went into the kitchen
and ate all the frozen cod
from the freezer,
then left.
Global warming changes everything.


line 4th from bottom ‘ate’ not ‘eat’ 😉 Great image, Davey!

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Thanks for the editing tip Debs and for taking the time to read and comment. I think I was suffering from snow blindness.

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Made me smile!

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Funny, wise, and sad.

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This one made me chuckle and then the zinger – global warming. Well done, Davy.

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