You Can’t Wait For Inspiration

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I have a friend who writes occasionally. Very occasionally – only when inspiration hits. I keep telling him to write something even if inspiration is lacking because that rouses the words from their slumber. Inspiration is at best idle and at worst elusive….He says “that’s not the way it works for me”. He makes me so mad. 😄


    Thanks for reading and commenting Hawksword. I suppose inspiration is different for each one of us. I work on the principle that the more you write the more inspired you are likely to become.

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Loved this quote!! I agree with you. “Inspiration is different for each one of us.” Sometimes it does seem like a “Hunt”. Sometimes chasing and sometimes lying in wait. I guess that the advantage of “just writing” is in the law of large numbers, you are more likely to find a gem!

Love your work and your posts – FANTASTIC!

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