KiligToday is the 1st day of the Word High July – 30 Beautiful Filipino Words challenge, set by the wonderful people at A Reading Writer blog.

They have provided 30 of the most beautiful words from the Filipino language.  On each day in July, one of these words will act  as a prompt for a poem, short story, a photo or song.

I have taken up the challenge and will be attempting to write a piece of micro-poetry in the 5,7,5 syllable format (Haiku or Senyru) for each day in July.

Today’s offering is the word, Kilig, a noun meaning “Butterflies in one’s stomach.”



YAY! Love the touch of hope ❤
Lovely haiku, Davy!


I really felt “kilig” !!! Beautiful haiku. It captured the meaning of Kilig. Looking forward to more of your posts abt Word High July 🙂

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Very elegant, the lines work beautifully.

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This is a nice, positive poem. I had not heard of the senryu before, though I am familiar with haiku. I will have to learn more about this poem type. Thank you. Have a blessed day.

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    Thank you. I was only made aware of the Senryu when someone pointed out a Haiku I wrote was not a Haiku. Haikus, I’m told, relate solely to nature. It is an interesting subject and conversation to have and you have given me a good idea for a future blog post. Thanks again for visiting and reading.

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      You’re welcome. Now you have me wondering if the haiku I last wrote is actually a haiku or not. The prompt was music and I spoke of the heart. A heart is natural, of course, but not in the way that we generally view “nature”. I need to re-investigate haiku now, too. This challenge is turning into a learning adventure. Thank you and have a great weekend.


Great poem. I could not write in such few words. I take 500 words to say hello. Brevity is a great talent. You managed to say a lot in only a few words.

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    Thank you for your comments and kind words David. I think my wife would argue with your comments. At the end of the day we just say what we need to say. There is beauty in both brevity and longevity.


Uhhhhuuuhh. ❤ This melts the heart, Davy!

Senryu/haiku is one of my favorite forms and I am glad I'll be reading 30 great pieces of it from you. 🙂 I am excited to read them every day! 🙂 Thank youuu!


Kilig indeed <3! Hope and Love do sometimes tend to go hand in hand.


Love the connectivity of words and ideas.

A moth on my heart

Something on the radio
Stopped me in my tracks

I’ve known
The anxiety
Of butterflies
Smiles at the
Old gull joke
But a moth
On her heart

“It put a moth on my heart” she said
And I had to repeat it in my head
Lest I forget before I could set
It down

And I thought of times
A moth had settled
With fluttered wings
In my eye frame
A soft drama
Of expectation
The lightness
Pausing breath
Then launching
© John Daniels 2016

Old gull joke. Doctor I I’ve had a gull in my tummy.
Do you mean ‘Butterflies’?
No, I had a nasty turn! Apologies.

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