For the Word-High July Prompts of Filipino Words hosted by A Reading Writer.

Habilin – (n.) Anything given to someone for safekeeping.


Such depth in these lines. Beautiful with a tinge of sadness. Wonderfully done, D. ☺️

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Wow!! Again, with three Powerful lines that touch the heart and soul!! Very impressive. It seems you are the poetic equivalent to the neurosurgeon that touches the electric probe to a part of the brain that causes the patient in surgery to actually relive a moment stored in their memory all over again!!! Wonderful work!

I read Suzanne’s comment above about this being a “sad poem” and have a little bit softer take on it. It seems more “pensively nostalgic”, a wistful reminiscing that’s wishful of a different outcome. Oh, I know – kind of like the movie “The Notebook”. Reminds me of Jim Croce’s song “Time in a Bottle”. Great Song. Maybe some inspiration?? Ha.


    “The Notebook” was an extremely sad movie for me to watch. Alzheimer’s stole my grandma from me and caused some people to treat her with a great deal of disrespect. Seeing signs of walking that same path myself makes me hope that something takes me before I get to that point.
    There are almost always moments to remember with a smile. It is the loss itself that is unbearable, the fact that it has to be a memory because it is no longer there.

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      Yes, I know what you mean. Both parents had it. I feel the same way you do about your “hope”. Surviving is not living. I hear you about memories! They have a two edged potential. Best of Wishes to you both.

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      Thank you. I am so sorry that both of your parents had it. My daddy passed away already and did not have it. My mother, the daughter of the grandma that did, is still living. I moved a thousand miles from home and, to my knowledge, she doesn’t have it either. Hopefully it will stay that way. She has enough health troubles to deal with as it is.
      Thank you. Best wishes to you, too. πŸ™‚

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