that is actually so true!!! really!!! That is why poetry sometimes is detailed with fictional persons yet they feel so real (because it is us is each line! )

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“…for the poem to be effective you have to move away from the emotion.”

I think this couldn’t be further from the truth. I think the emotion has to go into it or it won’t be effective at touching a heart at all. If you go at it with no emotion, there is going to be nothing to feel on the reader’s side. That is my opinion, anyway.

I remember one poem that I wrote years ago dealing with the loss of David. Of course, he wasn’t dead, but he had almost died due to diabetic complications and was in the hospital at the time that I wrote it. I just did a major heart dump about my fears, raw and unstructured, and shared it with my online friends. They were in tears. They were sure David had died and were offering me sympathies. One of them had lost her husband a few years before (he was a fighter pilot). This poem got a tremendously emotional response from her. Had I written about my fears with no feeling, it would have just sat there, been meaningless. Its meaning was in the raw emotions of almost-widowhood and fear of the unknown.

I think that poetry is all about emotion…it wouldn’t be poetry without it.

Have a blessed day.

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If you substitute the word poetry for truth how dies the graphic look. Poetry should equal a truth for an individual. I’m no poet but that’s what I think a good poet gives me. A truth.
Not everyone has emotional intelligence but as a skill it can be learned. Through poetry sometimes a thing will resonate…on a level of some kind. That’s what I believe. The graphic the venn diagram which caught my eye is a powerful insight. That’s what a good poem to an individual may bridge. But we are all diverse and on different pages. The same poem may not resonate with everyone at the same moment in time. When it does and you realise then a poet becomes popular maybe.

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    Thank you for this insightful response. I think when a someone writes a poem it is their view and emotional response to a subject and situation. The reader can then interpret it in a way reflecting their emotion and world view. The beauty of poetry, in my opinion, is it can help people discover and reflect their own truths. I really appreciate you taking the time to read and comment on this post.


There’s always a way to sympathise and empathise with those who you may not relate to, actors, well actors who give their hundred percent in film roles do pretty well, why should anyone else not be inspired by the challenge

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    A good and valid point Simon. I think that challenge inspires most people, with the challenge coming from the reality they experience on a daily basis. I appreciate you taking time out to add to the conversation.


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