Autumn’s Poetic Joy


Summer is officially over in the UK.

Writing this blog and looking out of the poetry den window, the leaves and vines on the trees are beginning to lose their summer green and turn yellow. The lavender bushes are in their final bloom and bees are collecting the last remnants of pollen.

Autumn is a wonderful season, cushioning the warmth of summer into the cold of winter. It has influenced many poets and poems. Some of my favourite Autumn poems include, To Autumn by John Keats; Matsuo Basho’s Haiku – Autumn Moonlight and Autumn Journal by Louis MacNeice.

In 2000 I spent three weeks in New England during The Fall. Driving through the woods and forests of Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire, shrouded in red, brown, yellow and gold is an experience still vivid in my memory. There is something magical about the energy in the autumn transformation that makes you want to pick up a pen and get musing.

Gold and brown leaves fall.
Shadows at dusk lengthen as
A winter sleep nears.

If you want to read more poetry about Autumn, then the site at Famous Poets and Poems has a good selection.

What inspires your poetry in the Autumn months? Do you have a favourite poem describing Autumn?

I would be pleased to read your thoughts.


oh wow, Davy! This is why I (sometimes or maybe most of the times) envy countries with four seasons. It’s amazing to see how nature change its costume from spring to summer to fall to winter. I have written tons of poems about seasons and I think I won’t stop! There is really inspiring about seasons maybe because it is the might He’s own artistry! πŸ™‚

I love the poem you wrote as well as that breathtaking 2nd paragraph!!! ❀

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Here in New Brunswick, Canada (next door to Maine), we have the brilliant fall leaves like you saw during your trip to New England:) we are blessed;) The leaves of gold, orange, and red as well as the crisp cool air are my muses! When the leaves are backlit by the sun they become like stained glass. These have inspired a few poems.

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    Carol, how wonderful to be next door to New England as a back drop to for your life and poetry. I look forward to more fall inspired musing from you. Thank you for visiting the blog and taking time out to comment.


Awwee, how lovely it’s be to get the chance to breath in the four seasons. We never had them here. The closest way I could experience them is through people’s words. Thanks for painting a picture of autumn with your words, D. And I agree, these seasons fill our poetic juices indeed. ☺️

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I enjoyed your musings on autumn, Davy (and this from a summer tank-top-and-flip-flops girl). You might like Sonnet 73 by our old friend Will Shakespeare. Poignant.

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    Thank you Amy. I will check out Sonnet 73. I might try the tank top and flip flop look for Autumn πŸ™‚ but I promise not to post any pictures on the blog. Thank you for visiting and taking time out to comment and get involved in the conversation.


Autumn is my favorite time of year. There is something about the stillness and gold tinged light that taps into the deepest part of me. It’s springtime here atm- stormy, wild and green our part of the world is just waking up!

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