Lost Summer



you’ve told a deep story in a few beautiful lines, Davy! Bravo. ❤

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Hi, the image and text work well together here I thought.

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I’ve been reading about Leo Tolstoy’s search for the essence of life (it’s his birthday today 🎉) and while reading your poem it made me wonder… I wonder what happens in a prisoner’s mind- especially those that have spent most of their life behind bars. Do they wish for freedom to find meaning or have they found it within those four walls?

Beautiful, evocative piece D. 🙂

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    Thank you Maria. I suppose the idea came from the amount of time I spent, as a police officer, talking to people in police and prison cells. In a number of cases their loss of freedom came about in a moment of madness. For some, meaning is found within the four walls and they struggle to adjust when they regain their freedom. Thank you for taking the time out to comment.


Oooh, I love this! Exquisitely concise…and I love anything with a spark of madness in it.

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    Thanks Delyn, me too. I think my whole world is sparked by madness. I appreciate you taking time to read and comment.


      “Sparked by madness”–YES, mine too! And I’m finally beginning to see that it is something to be honored and protected, rather than be ashamed of. That phrase from you would make a marvelous blog title–in case I need to open a new one–so, thank you!! Take care 🙂

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Sparked by madness is a great phrase. I find prisons very evocative (Let me say I’ve only ever visited historical ones). In an empty cell you automatically think of the inmates and straight away there is a story.
Good piece

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Beautiful and personally meaningful

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