Poetic Motivations:18



cannot agree more. thought my poems are mostly fictional, i feel them first. they all begin with the heart. then the mind picks the best words, then the fingers type. πŸ˜‰

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There’s a line from Larkin’s poem ‘Compline’ that I always find inspirational, ‘nature spawns a million eggs to make one fish.’ I think the same can be said of poetry. We write and write and eventually we produce something that survives us.

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    I love that comparison David. I suppose, as poets, if we do manage to write one poem that survives us then our job is done. Thanks for taking time out to read and comment on the post.


Ohhh, what a fabulous quote–“instrument of transference”, powerful! This will make me think harder about poems I write.


PS–I forgot to mention that I LOVE the heart of stones!


Love this quote on poems Davy! Thanks for posting and sharing!

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The stone heart is very nice and an interesting choice for this quotation about emotion.

I agree with almost all of what Mr. Larkin said, but I can’t agree with all of it. I do believe that a poem should start with emotion from the poet. However, I don’t believe we should necessarily expect the same emotion from the reader as the poet has going into it. If it does elicit the same emotional response, great. But, I think as long as it brings *any* type of emotional response from the reader, the goal has been accomplished. If it doesn’t move them in any sort of way, then maybe we (the poet) didn’t put our full heart into it after all.

Have a blessed day. πŸ™‚

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Amazing quote, and I absolutely agree ❀

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Very wise words and a great reminder to us poetry enthusiast. Thank you for sharing, D! πŸ™‚

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