Random Acts of Poetry Day


Today is Random Acts of Poetry Day.

Random Acts of Poetry Day is celebrated on the first Wednesday of each October. The day centres on “painting poetry in the public square.” You can chalk your poem on a pavement or wall (legally of course); leave a poem for someone in an unexpected place – a train seat, at a bus stop, or under a pillow for a loved one.

I have written a little ditty for a local café where I often sit, watch, ponder and write a lot of my poetry. They have kindly agreed to display the piece inside the café. If I manage to get technical, and work out how to use my new camera, I will post them up here at a later date.

Tomorrow, in the UK, is also National Poetry Day. National poetry day has engaged millions of people since 1994 with live events and web based activities. Each year has a theme and the theme for 2016 is messages.

In order to celebrate both day days I would like to offer the poem, in this posts header, as a message and a big thank you to all the people who read, like, comment, swear and smile at Inside the Mind of Davy D.

Each day you leave me in awe with the quality of the poetry you write and I am privileged to be part of your poetry and writing blogging community.

To all you wonderful poets out there, happy random acts of poetry day.


Oh my! Davy, this post blessed me head-to-toe 🙂 I didn’t know this was a special poetry day, so thanks for informing us–and how exciting that your piece is being displayed in the cafe where many will read it! I especially Love the theme, “messages” for UK’s National Poetry Day–great opportunity to spread words of encouragement. Super Post, thanks!!! ❤

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oh woooow. love love love the truth in your lovely poem, Davy! And happy random acts of poetry, too! ❤

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Love the idea of life in poetry, conveyed this well in the post! Congrats in having this piece on display in the cafe:) I knew of random acts of poetry day but had forgot when exactly it was…

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I so agree with your poem, D! Happy random acts of poetry. 🙂

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Hello, thanks for following me on Twitter! I heard about National Poetry Day on BBC radio this morning, and have been trying to compose my own poem all day (not working so well). Here is an offering from a poem I wrote last year instead: https://spookymrsgreen.com/2015/11/11/the-beast-inside-your-head-poem/

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Ohhhh..how i missed that day….

Happy random.acts of poetry day

Cheers to all poets…

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For me everyday is poetry day. Well, happy poesy day to you DD

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Thank you so much Delyn. It means a lot to me that the post provided some inspiration and thank you so much for the link.


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