Poetic Motivations:19



Interesting post. I wonder how many poetic mathematicians there are – or even how many mathematical poets. Thanks Davy..

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When I saw it was a Chesterton quote, it made perfect sense–great choice, Davy!

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This is great. No one could ever accuse me of being a mathematician. The closest that I enjoy getting to math is Sudoku and it isn’t really math, just patterns. 🙂 Have a blessed week.

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This explains so much why I could never be a mathematician! Haha.
Thanks for sharing another insightful quote, D. 🙂

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so this is why I hated Math ever since. HAHA.

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At the risk of being cast into the outer darkness, let me come clean and say I that I teach Maths! However I do not claim to be a poet, although I did write the following Haiku to help my students remember how to find the distance round a circle:
Circumference is
Pi times the diameter
Easy, isn’t it?


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