The Gift of Poetry


Writing poetry is a joy, sharing it is even more pleasurable.

Last week poetry was celebrated with a Random Acts of Poetry Day. The day asked for people to share poetry in a public space and I was able to display one of my poems in the local village café, Tickety Brew.

Tickety Brew provides an excellent writing retreat and I often get a tea and sit and watch the world go by, pondering and writing poetry. Over the short time the café has been in business it has established itself as a meeting place for many different communities, ranging from toddler groups to pensioner groups. It also hosts various theme nights from Mexican to 80’s dance and Biker evenings.

What I like most about the café is it is keen to help, promote and foster local artists, whether they are singers, writers, painters or poets. Once a month it hosts The Vibe Acoustic Café where anyone can rock up, sing, recite a poem, tell some jokes, or whatever takes their fancy (within English Law).


It was a privilege for me to be able to display the poem (shown in the header of this post) and, judging by the above photo, the staff seemed to like it. It only cost me £50 to get them to smile.

If you are ever in the village of Haddenham, Buckinghamshire, please pop in to Tickety Brew, treat yourself and help a wonderful business, doing excellent things supporting the local community.

Have you ever given a gift of poetry that was well received?

It would be great to hear about it.


Clever verse, Davy, and your local cafe sounds great. Must search for something similar around Walton-on-Thames.

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LOVE this–congrats, Davy!!! It’s amazing how poetry can be a most exquisite gift…unless of course the recipient doesn’t “get” poetry, or was hoping for something else… When a friend of mine’s mother passed away, I wrote a poem–rather than buy a sympathy card. She thought it beautiful, and asked if I would read it at the very small graveside service, which I did. That meant a lot to me, and I’m very glad it meant a lot to her and her family. Blessings on your day!

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oh wooow! those smiles clearly show they are delighted, Davy! Very nice! 🙂 Great! 😀

I have written several poetry as birthday gifts and I think they loved it? 😀 ❤

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I wish we have something like that here…

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This whole thing–your poem,the Tickety Brew, the event–is why England has been for many years the home of my heart. I just love everything your post is about–and of course the poem itself.

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    Amy. Thank you your kind words are appreciated. I sometimes think we take England for granted. There is so much going for it. I appreciate you taking time out to visit the blog and get involved in the conversation.


I think your poem and the cafe and the event all sound great. My only public poetry reading was when my class left school after five years with me as their tutor. I wrote a poem where each kid had a line (nearly 30 lines!) and read it in their final assembly. I even included a couple of lines for the kids who didn’t make it through five years of secondary school.

Let’s spare a thought for the ones we let go,
The mad and the bad and the dangerous to know,

There were getting on for 250 kids in the year, and it went down a storm.

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Hello, I’ve read a few posts on your blog and I believe from the likes of it you might enjoy a few from mine as well. It’s always nice to find another person who shares the same passion for poetry as you do.

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