Invisible Elephants



Great little poem here, Davy. Gave me a chuckle this morning. Interesting picture too!

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Loved the poem and art. Very cleverly done 😃

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Ah, here you are with a new post–I LOVE the art especially, Davy! And your brevity is indeed very clever 🙂 Dry humor the Brits are famous for 🙂 🙂

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Neat, not gaudy, but a very pleasurable read. Been away all week (‘up north’) . I’ve got a lot to catch up on.

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Great poem. Witty and succinct. That might be my favourite so far.

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I enjoyed it, also. I had to ponder a while, which is why it’s taken me so long to comment. I was thinking (maybe I overdo that) how this fits with so many things in life that need fixing or solving – relationships, climate change, and I’m sure others can fill in the blanks, also. What is it in life that we don’t see or choose to not see? Perhaps I’m reading too much into what is supposed to be simply a fun poem. And it is. 🙂

Oh, this may or may not help anyone as I don’t “create” or edit my art. But picmonkey is what I’ve used to crop and resize images. They offer other features, also – ones that I don’t use. The basic program is free.

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    Thank you for the response Laura. When I wrote the poem it was a bit of fun but there was also a subliminal message in there linked to our use of language and how it can be perceived. I had been reading a poetry book – You Took the Last Bus Home by Brian Bilston and an article on the plight of Elephants and the two just seemed to fit together. Thanks again for taking time out to read and for your valuable comment.

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toooo clever Davy! HAHA! Nice one!

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