The Other Side of Paradise


Written for November Notes, hosted by Rosema at A Reading Writer and Sarah at Heartstring Eulogies. It’s still not too late to join in.

Day 3 Music Prompt: The Other Side of Paradise by Glass Animals.



Wow. Imagery is spectacular, but also saddening. Great work.

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Beautiful poem! I love the metaphor taking center stage in those three lines πŸ™‚


Lovely work. I love the black/white and all shades of grey work. Must try that myself sometime.

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There’s always a beauty in the small things, but also sadness in what once was. That’s captured here very well. 😊

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That is beautiful and sad Davy D. Another one your potently powerful poems full of imagery. Emotions bubble to the surface.

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    Thank you Laura. It fits in nicely with your last blog post on what might happen if we don’t get to grips with trying to save the planet.

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      I thought that’s what you meant. It’s why I’m even reaching out to climate change deniers. And unlike my post, you didn’t sound preachy. πŸ™‚ Poetry plays an important role. I wish your poem along with the image could be plastered across the world. For now, I guess Tweeting will have to do.

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      Thank you Laura. We can never stop trying. That reminds me must check my Twitter account πŸ™‚


Ohhhh, Davy…this one sends me…beautiful, wonderful, wistful, mournful…. I LOVE it.

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Oh, I dread the day when love will be nothing but just mere remnant. This is beautiful, D, and profound…

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the beautiful imagery infused with nostalgia made me sigh, a sad but contented sigh. ❀

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So many things are now in the past. The sad thing is we could have saved at least something if not everything that’s deteriorating on this planet but yet, we don’t seem to learn. Will we ever?

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    So true NJ. Despite all the agreements made by various governments it seems to have little effect. In the UK the government have just given permission for fracking to start 😦


Beauty and pain at a time. Expressed so well.

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Intense words, thank you for sharing

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