Written for November Notes hosted by Rosema at A Reading Writer and Sarah at Heartstring Eulogies.

Day 5 Music Prompt: Criminal by Fiona Apple.



Indeed what is needed is a final score..

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Oh, yes. Topicality and controversy all in one fell haiku.

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Oh wow. I like how it seems like the start of a bigger project.

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Ooh! What are they plotting? I like how it ends and at the same time feels like something is just beginning.

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I love the “crime heads” part, especially. You can imagine a bunch of heads looking down at something on a table of sorts – no faces, just heads. But maybe you mean heads as in leaders, or both heads and leaders. I’m visual, so I see, literally, a bunch of heads. Very cool, Davy D.

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    I hope that it provokes many images Laura. I am visual also and that is why I provide my poems with images it helps to kick start the process. I am told this is not the way by some poetry purists. Thanks for taking time to read and comment and enjoy your Sunday 🙂


i agree. i think there is more in this haunting piece! 😀

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Oooh, this raises goosebumps, reminders of The Godfather–a bit frightening in the anticipation. I’d love more follow-up, Davy 🙂

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Intriguing! I’ll be looking forward to what happens next along with everybody here.. Clever one, D!

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