Brave Enough


Written for November Notes hosted by Rosema at A Reading Writer and Sarah at Heartstring Eulogies.

Day 17 Music Prompt: Brave Enough by Lindsey Stirling featuring Christina Perri.



I guess that when we want to create something of our own, we are somehow tempted to seize the opportunity that will make us stop coping with hustling towards what we want to achieve, and it really takes a lot of bravery to say ‘no, i want to achieve something of my own.’ Beautiful motivational words.

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Nice, Davy. I love the way it’s visually set up. I don’t know much about poetry. I’m guessing there’s a name for that?

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    Laura, that makes two of us on the poetry knowledge 🙂 With most of my poetry I try to follow the Haiku / Senryu structure in which the poem has 17 syllables set in 3 lines of 5 syllables, 7 syllables then 5 syllables. The rest is just experimentation. Thank you for taking time out to comment.

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Neat! Clever to find a 5-syllable one-word opening line, and to finish with that element of yearning.

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Simply wow!
I loved the edit ❤

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This is extremely clever. And, very motivating. I love the way you’ve placed the words too.

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I love the visuals with the words.

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This is GOOD, Davy–it takes courage to love, truly; heck, it even takes courage to have a friendship….

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woooooow. so much in so few, Davy!

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Thank you Gemstars for the link up. It is much appreciated 🙂


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