Written for November Notes, hosted by Rosema at A Reading Writer and Sarah at Heartstring Eulogies.

Day 28 Music Prompt: Look After You by The Fray.



Lovely, as usual. Great work Davy 🙂

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I do like your neat ambiguity in your use of ‘tears’.

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beautiful and heart touching words!

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oh. can be interpreted in so many ways, Davy. but there is pain indeed of a snatched innocence. Great job!

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I really like how your words are free to be interpreted in many ways. Every reader can read it and see it in a whole new way and that’s the brilliance of all your poems 🙂

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Simply wow!!!

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Your visual is hauntingly impactful. Words & picture touch the heart.

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Oh WOW, this really got to me, Davy–powerful, intense, deeply familiar. Well done.

Switching gears for a moment, I was having another look at Canva…maybe you could answer a question or 2 from me? Do you pay for the plan/services you’re using? If not, and you use the “free forever” plan–is it really “free”, and does it do all you need it to do? I just want to upload images from free sources…and it would help to have the feature whereby you can lighten the background so that text shows up well. Any help you can offer regarding these questions would be greatly appreciated, thanks! 🙂 Delyn/Stella

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    Thank you Delyn. I hope the poem did not bring back too many bad feelings. As regards Canva, I started off using the free basic package and moved onto the Canva for Work package. From what I remember it did provide some functions for altering backgrounds, but it was completely free. It may be worth signing up and trying 🙂


      Your writing is amazingly strong for such a concise style/form, and often packs a brilliant punch. Thanks very much for the Canva advice, Davy–I may try the free-basic and see what happens 🙂


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