Poetic Motivations:22



Certainly gives something to think about. Maybe even that needed motivation to compose.

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Ohhh i kinda miss this one.. the poetic motivations posts..

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Oh, that is one fantastic quote!

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Great quote, thank you for sharing the reminder 🙂

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That is a great quote to reflect on, Davy.

To answer the question asked in the quote: Yes, I do remember. I was a fighter. I stood up for myself. I trusted. I drew trees with multiple, chaotically arranged branches filled with birds. I wrote stories about how this or that came to be. I believed grown-ups when they said it was great and very creative. Then, the bumble bee contest incident happened, opening a hole in my self-confidence that hasn’t been closed since. Then, the singing incident and stinging words of a mother. The hole grew larger and larger with each not-good-enough message. The message was clear, I needed to be invisible and not put myself on display. Neither I nor my creations were worth being seen or heard. I stopped creating them. A painfully shy introvert was born in those days.

Over the last couple of years, I have heard a new message: Do it anyway. Share the picture anyway. Share the poem anyway. Just because it isn’t loved by others doesn’t mean that it lacks value. Do it anyway.

So, I am.

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This is SO good, Davy!! No, I have no clue who I was before being mangled by abuse–and all that the twisted world skewered me with. That’s why my faith is so important to me–daily, I spend time with God so He can tell me how much He loves me, and remind me of all the beautiful things He planted in me; there’s so much good I haven’t realized yet–but if He says it’s in there, I’m determined to keep digging till I see it 🙂 May He bless you Abundantly!

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thought-provoking, Davy! ❤ indeed. indeed!

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I was almost over-encouraged as a child. When the adults became too involved and started pushing me, I bailed. I refused to attend my own piano recital. It was almost as if I had too many options without enough focus. But truthfully, I’m thankful that adults gave me the freedom to pursue my interests. All of my projects as an adult, including a farmers market craft business, had their roots in my childhood and early teen years. I was practicing for adulthood way back then.

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    That’s good to hear Laura. I think there is a fine balance between being supportive and being controlling. There was something in the UK press telling parents in the North of England to be more pushy with their children in order to improve their exam results and get on a par with children in the South of England. I despair sometimes. It seems like you had the right balance 🙂

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Intense quote…that will definitely stick with me. Thank you

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