Poetic Motivations:23



Interesting quote, though not always true. The last novel I was working on, I was essentially rewriting my own story… Poems are probably more about me than I’d like to admit sometimes…and I doubt anyone’s fooled if I write in 3rd person 🙂 Great post as always, Davy–I like the notepaper, envelope!

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Good image that, Davy – just slipping this comment in the post for our consideration.

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Davy, I’m making an abrupt blog change again–have followed you from Stella Carousel…just so you know; sorry to drive you nuts–but I need the company, hah! 🙂

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That’s an interesting quote. I guess each one’s interpretation of the quote is going to be quite as interesting as well 😉

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That is mostly true, we do mainly pen poems about ourselves and even yield deeper to share feelings to. Lovely quote.

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I’d like to think I thought is up myself, but I could have read it somewhere. Either way I’ve often thought that every time you paint a picture it is essentially a self portrait. I think that’s true whether you use words or some stuff on a brush.

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well. well. well. i agree. 🙂

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