New Blog Schedule for 2017


That’s that then, only 354 sleeps until Christmas. I hope you all had a good rest over the festive period and are raring to go for 2017.

One of the decisions I have taken for 2017 is to move the blog to five days a week. From Monday the 9th of January 2017 I will be posting on Mondays through to Fridays.

Over the past twelve months I have been amazed by the support and kindness you have all given me through the blog and I would like to foster the community feel the blog has now taken.

The new schedule will look like this.

Monday – Poetic Motivations – Quotes and lines from poets and poetry to get the poetic mind flowing.

Tuesday – Davy D Gallery – Here I will be posting my own poetry and artwork,  links to things inspiring my poetry and the occasional piece of poetic humour. There may even be the odd freebie and giveaway.

Wednesday – Poetic Ponderings – Articles around poetic themes to get a conversation going.

Thursday – Poetry Spotlight- This will include book reviews on poetry books I have read, links to poetry blogs, websites or poetry events. Once a month I would like to highlight a favourite poem from another poetry blogger and would also like to interview some of you as the year progresses and publish the interview on the blog.

Friday – Davy D Gallery – More poetry, artwork and general madness.

I realise that none of this would be possible without your help, so if you have any ideas, quotes, links to blogs, poetry websites or anything poetry related, or would like to be interviewed for the site, please get in touch.

And feel free to drop by anytime in 2017 and have a chat over some online tea and cake.


Great schedule, Davy! Looking forward to seeing more of your work and especially looking forward to Poetic Ponderings. Do you have some topics in mind already? or do we have to wait in suspense? 🙂

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Ohhh wow..wonderful…you already have a schedule…i will be looking forward to read those…

Me still trying to get the hang out of my holidaysssss festivities ..

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This sounds wonderful, Davy. I’m very much looking forward to reading your posts. My suggestion is similar to Shaun’s. There are so many forms of poetry and it does get a bit overwhelming at times. So a way to get started would be helpful.

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Davy, I am so very impressed that you’re this organized! I do well to just get something up 4 times a day, usually… Looking forward to another grand year with you in the land of blogs! 🙂

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An impressive schedule, Davy. I wouldn’t be able to keep to that strict programme myself, but I have learnt not to post regularly on weekends. Don’t seem to get so much feed back then. It also gives me some creative time to get the following week’s submissions under way. I must say,Ii do look forward to all your posts. You never seem to hit a wrong note – always give cause for intelligent thought.

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    Cheers Roland that is greatly appreciated. I decided to have a bit of discipline with the blog as I have a number of other projects in the pipeline. One being my experiences in the Met Police in the form of poetry book.

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Good lick with all your projects, Davy. I’d be interested to hear more when they reach fruition.

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That’s a very ambitious schedule. Best of luck with that!

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I love that your blog serves as a den for poetry enthusiast like us where we could talk about poetry and gain knowledge. It’s the conversation, more than anything else, interest me the most. Thank you, D. ❤ And I’ll be looking forward, as always, to your poetic motivations and personal poetic humor. Wishing you all the best, D!

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Wow, a great start to the New Year! Looking forward to reading & connecting. Your blog is growing by leaps & bounds…always interesting, insightful & entertaining!

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Hi dave I know a poem about cruising. It goes, a boy stood on the burning deck. Hope to catch up this year with you and Sarah, Regards Steve&Lin.

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Love your new schedule! Especially your sharing and the spotlight. Nice!!!

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