Same Old



You create a cogent image, Davy – well matched by your withered tree background

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I enjoyed reading your post! I look foward to reading more of your posts! Good luck and happy new year!


Oh Wowza, Davy–this grabbed my heart and shook it bare and broken as the tree. Beautiful work!!

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WOW!! Word by word and line by line this is just awesome!! The perfect emotional impact of the bookends of a new romance!! The first two lines capture the physical and hormonal thrill. The third and fourth the emotional, spiritual and aspirations of hopes and dreams and the future. Then its the sudden, swift and unexpected end be it after a day, a week or a year. That my friend was a very wild and fun rollercoaster ride!!

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As they say Dave,
plenty more fireworks in the box of new dreams.

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You capture the feeling beautifully, Davy! I miss hanging out over here. I’m still working on my freelance project – stressing about it is more like it! What a lovely break to be able to hop on over here and get into the mind of Davy D. 🙂

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You created such beautiful yet heartbreaking images of a broken, torn and somehow disappointed lover..

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Reminds me of how we so often feel after making then breaking our New Year’s resolutions! Love the title…Same Old. Thankfully there is always a new year & a new chance to start again!

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    Gilda, you should be a Detective. You solved the riddle and mindset of the poem. You are right there is always the hope of a new day and a chance to start again 🙂 Thanks for the kind words and comments.


D, you stirred our interest here! This is quite a pensive piece, one which reflect much of our lives. Love the title you used, too. Reminds me of my answer whenever someone asks how am I. 🙂

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Haha, I missed my calling! Thanks for always providing so much depth in your writing. It’s fun to look at from all different angles.

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That first stanza is oozing with hope. your imagery there is impeccable. And the second stanza. Goodness. Bravo, Davy!

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