Absolutely fantastic piece! Found it really powerful and so true.

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Very strong verse…and matched with the image, it is powerful.

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GEEZ! Such a whole powerful story in three little lines. Sheer talent, Sir! Salute!

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Pensive piece, D! I have not experienced bullying (thank God) but I could say at some point in my life I have been my very own bully. I have this tendency of planting the seed of self doubt which leads to self destruction (not in the physical sense).

Nowadays, I’m trying to get along well with my self-bully. 🙂

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Loved this! Such a wonderful condensation in three lines of a fearful emotional experience. I liked Rosema’s comment “A whole powerful story in three lines”. I felt that too. And Maria’s comment also struck home with me in that we are often our own harshest critic. An inner voice that cultivates fear, anxiety and doubt within. They say the best way to deal with a bully is to just walk up and punch them in the nose! I can’t say that I have tried this but it is reported that the bully gains respect for you. In the case of the inner critic we just need to face our fears and do what we think we cannot do. We need an inner “push from the nest so we can learn to fly”.

This brought up the visual of someone intentionally planting a weed in your garden – just to be mean and cause you more work. Very well said – and painted!

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I was writing on my blog about helping my daughter not succumb to self doubt from a bully today and then I found this. It’s beautiful. Thank you!

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