Well done, Davy. Strong images and a message…which is a haunting reminder. 🙂

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    Thank you Gwen. The idea came to me whilst walking down a busy London street and being walked into for the umpteenth time by someone attached to their iPhone. I appreciate you taking time out to read and comment. Have a good weekend 🙂


I hesitated before ‘Liking’ your thought for today, Davy, but in the end I couldn’t resist. At least I don’t bow my head for either Facebook or Twitter!

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I love cities, large ones especially.
I adore the sights, smells and sounds at any pint in a twenty four hour period. I’m always amazed at the time people spent not noticing those things because of electronic distractions.
I liked your post, all of it, and even for simply the title and using one of my favorite sounding words, hubris.

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Oh my, Davy–this is Phenomenal!!

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I’ve tweeted this to enjoy the irony!

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Reflective piece, D. And very true. Isn’t it ironic how the social media- which claims to connect us from each other- disconnects us in real life? It reminds me of a video from Prince Ea, a spoken word poet and activist… *sigh*

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    Thank you Maria and thanks for the link I will have a look at this. There is a great conflict with social media. It is creating many great online communities, but at the same time isolating many people and reducing life skills.


‘Heads resist elevation
Charmed by the lure of likes
And social impotence.’

This could stand on its own Davy. It jumps out at me.

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That last line is haunting and true. We are so obsessed of earning social validation that we forget the true essence of “living”. Apt. Moving. Through-provoking!

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A well written poem who’s message rings loud and clear. Hopefully heard over the din of our buzzing, and beeping electronics. You have inspired me to write a poem of my own on Cities…
A magical walk down a city street,
The sights and sounds,
A feast for our senses,
To spark the imagination.
Buildings which scrape the sky,
Uplift the spirit.
A treasure chest of fun,
Waiting to be discovered,
Unbeknownst to those,
Buried in their social media.

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