The Space Between Trees



So that’s a senryu! A pungent example, Davy. Thanks for posting.

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Ooooooh! I don’t know but crow gives me some eerie feels. 😀 Great one, Davy!

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Great verse. So many images jump to mind as I read.

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….i havent seen one..but thanks to this..i now know they can be dangerous..

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Ooooh, ooooh, I LOVE this, Davy!

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Very insightful on Old Mr. Crow and his view of the world! Enjoyed “sifting” through that!
Thanks for sharing!

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Well done, Davy. The strong images create a story…all within a few words. Powerful!

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An elegant poem. I love the contrast between beauty and danger.

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I used to watch the crows roosting on top of the neighboring apartment buildings from my kitchen window. They’re fascinating and so smart. Their whole body seemed to rise when they cawed. You captured their essence, Davy. I love it!

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    Thank you Laura and I’m glad you enjoyed the poem. I see crows regularly when I am out walking. They are very comical and interesting to watch but I think they get some bad press due to their link to the occult and use in horror movies. The Omen films spring to mind.

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Those same crows I spoke of above also used to sit on top of the traffic light, waiting for it to turn green. Just as the cars began inching forwarding, they would drop nuts on the street for the cars to run over and crack. I’m a wuss. I never saw the Omen films and never plan to. I’m sticking with my 60s and 70s sappy music and feel good movies. 🙂

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    They are very clever birds Laura and if feel good and sappy works for you, stick with it. PS. apologies if I have replied more than once to your latest blog post, my wordpress has been playing up (my excuse for the onset of senility) 🙂


Oh, I’m not all sappy. For a while I fancied myself an opera singer:) I haven’t noticed extra comments from you on my blog. No worries, though, Davy. I posted last night, but it didn’t manage to land in anyone’s inbox. I think I fixed the problem, however. Hopefully, the latest Surferbird edition will go out in the morning California time. I’m so glad I have some time to catch up on your posts!

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Ah, I checked and your comments went to my spam folder. But I took care of that! I wonder what happened? I

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