No More



Whew! I wouldn’t want to be the person staring or the person with the cold eyes. But I know I’ve been both before at different times in my life. Nice one, Davy.

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Very effective – sadly .

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Ah, Yes, Davy, memories! Ones which I’m not keen to remember. Well expressed, and appreciated.

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Heart breaking lines, Davy. Love it.

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Oh WOWZA, Davy–Brilliant, powerful…leaves me otherwise speechless.

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Okay! Staring into cold eyes would be spooky. But as always I love the way you weave the words.

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Ohhhhh there is sadness in each syllable

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Sharply penned, Davy–BRAVO.

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i pondered over iced reflections, like looking at a person dead inside – i was told your poetry could be addictive so I am here to find out, nice to discover you Mr D!

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Dang! this punches the heart!

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