Woah!! Yeah. Hurt can transform us or reveal that part of us we try to tame. πŸ™‚ Love this, Davy!

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This opens up all kinds of possibilities… My goodness, great writing Davy.

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I agree with your other fans, Davy–good writing; and it’s so true that when our hearts are broken the “real” comes out.

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the person must have been lukewarm for everything in life he/she had to have their heartbroken to show who they really were. i meet people like this, living just under the radar, not feeling, just living and having no impact on their lives or others. Nice thought to chew on Davy!

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Goodness! The title is perfect for these words. I agree with what Rose said.

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So you both end up distressed. Beautifully put, Davy.

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A lion is not quick to take offence, but a mouse is.

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Oooooooooohhhhh.. jaw dropped Davy..love always brings the best in us however when hurt it can also bring out the meanest mean in us..

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Surprise, Surprise! I guess from your post it could have gone either way – but I would put my money on the Lion and bet there was pain and scars! The next question is whether there was any learning from that experience? Ha! Like, if you are going to break someone’s heart don’t be in the neighborhood??? It’s like all the stupid crime movies where some idiot tells the bad guy “if you don’t do what I say I’m going to the cops” next thing you hear is bang, bang, bang. Is there a proper protocol for a civil breakup??

Nice work!

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    I love how you have taken this to the next level Charles and pleased the poem inspired the magic of your imagination.

    Liked by 1 person

      Thanks! I appreciate your kind words! Speaking of imagination and inspiration I am trying to recall where you and I exchanged comments on your writing in 3 lines so often and you responded that you condense them. I have written something on that conciseness you use and want to be sure you get “inspiration credit”. And thanks again for being an inspiration!!

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      Not a problem Charles. I think it was a natural transition of our conversations and the recognition of each others work. If any of my poems inspire then they have served their purpose.


      Davy, loved this again when I read it on your Gallery! As always, so exquisite! Loved the mystery and uncertainty, well sort of. Most guys know the answer to this. I think the Bible talks about a “woman scorned”?? This was an awesome post. A story from start to finish with an ending that leaves you hearing a lioness roar! LOL!

      Loved you Gallery but can’t find out how to enlarge it for these old eyes!

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      Thank you for the kind comments Chuck. I am not sure how to enlarge the gallery. I think it is standard for the blog. I will have a look into it.

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Wonderful, Davy! Difficult experiences often bring out hidden parts of our personalities. You expressed that so very well.

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I agree with Gwen. This opens all kinds of possibilities. The mouse or the lion, which is which. Either way, I believe we all have been both. It’s a matter of choice. From what I’ve read, lions tend to attack when in inflicted with pain while rodents may separate from the rest of the animals and attempt to hide.

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Reblogged this on The Reluctant Poet and commented:
Come read Davy’s awesome poem “Raw”. It’s sort of a short, short story that will leave you hearing a Lioness roaring!


Thanks for the link Mich and glad to have provided the inspiration.


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