Absolutely beautiful–one of my favorites! Kudos, Davy.

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An enigma wrapped in an enigma. Plenty to think about here, Davy. I do love the word ‘fragile’ – it carries with it such a depth of meaning.

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Mirror…..never lies never denies…but always a silent witness to every smile…every tear…every pain…

…you just inspire me Davy..

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WOW. WOW…WOW-GOOD, Davy. Strikes the heart like a perfect note on piano.

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A mirror never hides the emotions or the feelings. It silently watches. Love this one, Davy.

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the number of things we need to be to protect our own sanity, countless but the mirror keeps a record – haunting thought here Mr D!

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wooooah. the simple words weaved to make a thought provoking piece. wow.

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So much depth in this, D. It made me think though, if those hundred faces really do the ‘protecting’. Most often, in my POV, they mask what is truly beautiful deep within.

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What a powerful 17 syllables, Davy. I think no matter how many masks we wear, the mirror of our heart sees through them all.

But, the feeling that I get from this poem is…the faces of our forefathers/mothers are there looking back at us, protecting the lost little child we sometimes are. We carry them forward, in our eyes, the shape of our nose, the curl of of hair, the size of our ears. They are always with us and the mirror sees that more clearly than we ever will.

Have a blessed weekend!

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    Thank you Suzanne. You are right, our face carries all of ancestry and sometimes we have to look deeper into the face we see in the mirror. I appreciate you taking time out to read and comment and a blessed weekend to you and your family 🙂

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      You’re welcome, Davy, and thank you, too. I always enjoy reading your posts. I am happy to be able to get back to blogging and reading. The month of February was so busy, even with a “helper”, that I couldn’t find time to do much at all with blogging or reading.
      The biggest thing happening this weekend will be trying to remember to set the clocks forward. Some of the clocks will self-correct, but others we’ll have to set. One year we forgot to do it and got to the church just in time for the service to be over. That was mighty embarrassing. 🙂
      Have a blessed weekend!

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      Thank you Suzanne and glad to see you back. In the UK our clocks change in a few weeks It is always a challenge to remember to change them all 🙂

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      Thank you, Davy.

      It sure is! It is also a challenge to keep up with what time it is in other parts of the world, especially with it changing at different times for different countries and maybe some countries don’t adjust the time at all. Not all of our states change the time, either.

      Personally, I would be happy if they just did away with the time-change deal. It served its purpose when it first started, but we have electric lights now as well as headlights on tractors, so we can work well after dark. AND it would be one less thing for me to have to remember. 🙂

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      I enjoy the return of the lighter mornings, but I am with you on the memory thing 🙂

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A little chilling, but the shivers are worth it. Great poem!

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