The Backside of the Night

The Backside of the night

A big thank you to Charles at The Reluctant Poet, Gina at Singledust and Mr.S at Sailorpoet for providing the inspiration for this poem. Please visit these excellentย poets and have a go at continuing the inspiration.


Incredible! “Her shadow” might “haunt”, but this poem itself is haunting. WOW!

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Wow…the image itself is beautiful…the poem too is “haunting”.

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This is fantastic. Hauntingly spooky.

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Awesome! I love it.
(Thanks to the Reluctant Poet for leading me here).

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i like the depth of these few words Davy, pulling his breath away, almost like strangling him as she brings him out of his dream safe state. Nice to see you continue the challenge!

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Somewhat of a reminder that it’s never too late. Keep up!

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Your night-time backdrop reminds me of a Minecraft scenario. Great image, Davy, but not one I’d wish to haunt my dreams. I like your phrasing of the ‘safety’ of dreams. There’s a lot to think about in those words.

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Kudos Davy!!! Loved your post! Thanks so much for joining The Backside Of The Night meme!! It is great to have more “Kindred Spirits”! You know this all traces back to you inspiring Sailorpoet’s comment! I guess that means you pushed the first Domino! LOL!

Again, Awesome in three lines!

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    Thank you Charles. Keep the kindred spirit hunt on the move ๐Ÿ™‚

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      Will do, My Friend. You too.

      Hey, after seeing Sailorpoet’s response poem to one of Singledust’s poems I was thinking (first of all that maybe Sailorpoet is carving out a niche in response poems, but I love them) that maybe it might be informative, useful and fun for you to post a question/topic post on “How you can get inspiration to write from reading another’s poem”?

      You and I have that in “I Am Not A Poet” from your post. Sailorpoet posted a response poem on me “Checking out The Reluctant Poet” and now he has one with Singledust. Might these and others you know of from your followers (also Backside of the Night from me reading a comment on one of your posts) be a subject/topic for one of your great “Prod You” pieces??? Let me know.

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      I will give it some thought Charles. As you can see from the blog the poetry is taking over but I have set some writing time aside to do a few of the prod posts, so thank you for planting the seed ๐Ÿ™‚

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Reblogged this on Singledust and commented:
And the amazing DavyD picks up the challenge – a Backside of Night poetry masterpiece! 3 lines that’s all he uses to make the most thoughtful statements, love the lines! Nice one Mr D!

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oooooh. this is spooky and haunting and.. *slowly inches away* HAHAHA

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Thank you for this sailorpoet, it is much appreciated.


Again blessings and gratitude for the inclusion ๐Ÿ™‚


Thanks for this RL. I will pass it on to Sailorpoet to include in the collection ๐Ÿ™‚


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