The Seriousness of Haiku

The Seriousness of Haiku


Evokes a lot of emotions!

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some need to grow up faster and smarter than others their own age – on point as always!

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You never know what life will throw at you. You end up with no choice but having to grow up before time. You’ve put that up perfectly.

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Nicely done, Davy! I love the way you titled the piece too. It adds a layer of depth.

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Loving your column…playful and profound. Maybe one day we can meet.
Susan Wooldridge

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Still not able to do that at seventy plus, Davy! Perhaps i shouldn’t be old enough to vote yet!?

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Oh this is so true. So true. ❤❤❤

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It’s quite an accomplishment, I think, to be only seventeen and fully able to discern how uncertain and changeable life can be. When I was that age, I thought accidents were something that happened to others, and was moreover in denial that my life would take any course but the one I had planned for it. Imagine my surprise….

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Ahhh, yes indeed–and to think there were yet so many vagaries to encounter and try to unravel as the decades passed…

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