Poetic Motivations:36

Poetic Motivations_36


Beautifully said… Thank you for the morning pause.

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Thank you, Davy. The contrast of ‘seeing’ with ‘feeling’ is extremely apposite.

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This was a very interesting observation you have quoted, time and space the very essence of the two fine arts, of science and of the heart. Both quantifiable but still defying efforts to be harnessed by either.

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This is interesting to ponder…

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What a great way to start the week. Love this.

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And often struggles to put that moment into words but never stops experimenting.

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    It is so true Mr. S, by the time we capture the words to describe the moment it is gone and another one has taken its place. Maybe one day the experiments will catch one but that may be when the poetry stops.

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That is SO true, Davy–what a great quote!

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So true! I didn’t know Vladimir Nabokov until today, D. Thank you for sharing, 🙂

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Now you have me thinking…

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YES!!!! YES!!!!! Like we overflow. Sadness. Happiness. Love. We overflow.

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