Poetic Motivations:38

Poetic Motivations_38


Aah, to change what we see! … Lateral thinking for the poet! A bright start to the week, Davy.

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Good thought….love Pam 🙂

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ooooooooooooooh! that’s one helluva quote. as writers we get our inspirations from our sense. what we see is one. what we feel, what we hear, what we taste is another. this is thought-provoking Davy!

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Mr D! Louise is my favorite contemporary American poet, in fact my recent pandora’s camera piece was prompted from a poem in her first book. Absolutely fantastic quote of course, one of real substance and meaning.

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This just made me write a poem

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*Shattered Flight*
*{Pantoum Poem}*

My life seems scattered
And all my aims are shattered
I look just like a bastard
So far away I have wandered

And all my aims are shattered
To patch the top or the down
I fixed my past but it fell
The future I hold is unclear

My life needs to be remolded
So I stretch my hands to the sky
to catch the part that flies
My last struggle before I die

So i stretch my hands to the sky;
from a dungeon that bubble like fumes
I’m isolated in struggle to survive
My body is loosing its plumes


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i take it as a change of perspective too, a different way of seeing things, she sounds very wise.

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Ooohh this is just what i needed right now..

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Love this! Have a great week, Davy.

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Perfect! As simple as that…. Thank you!

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Thank you for sharing this profound quote, D. I, too, am not familiar with here. Will check her works soon. As for the underlying message, I may be looking from a different slant but her words trigger the activist in me. 😁

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Aha, wonderful quote from Louise Gluck. I will use this in a chapter I am writing about seeing. Covers just about everything in our world. LOVE, Susan

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    Glad to have highlighted it for you Susan. I think it sums up the art and skill of writing. Looking forward to seeing what it inspired. Thank you for taking time out to read and comment Susan.


Indeed, a great quote, Davy–I’m pondering whether “change what you see” refers to changing “the thing, circumstance, whatever” that you see–or simply looking elsewhere to be moved by something else and write of it…or perhaps both…

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Ooh. I like that one. A lesson for life in general. 🙂

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Love the quote & picture. Writers light the way with inner sight & uncommon vision. In the blink of an eye, a mere shift in perspective
…everything can change.

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