Paper Boys

Paper Boys

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I’m in shock. I witnessed something today rocking me to the core. At 6.30am, whilst walking, I saw a boy, aged about 14, running from the front garden of a house and jump into an expensive BMW motor car, being driven by a woman old enough to be his mother. At first I thought I had stumbled upon a misdemeanour. I continued to observe and saw the woman lean across, stroke the boy’s hair, and place a newspaper on his lap. The car drove about 20 feet forward, stopped, and the boy ran out, posting the newspaper through the next door along from the house where I originally saw him. This performance continued for each of the 12 houses in the street. Are paper boys not supposed to ride rickety bikes, taunt grumpy old men and be chased by dogs? I still bear the scar on my buttock where Old Wilson’s Alsatian nabbed me at the 34th attempt. And I thought the Snowflake Generation were figments of the imagination.

Precious to the touch
Basildon Bond or Tracing
A Mother’s treasure


Perfect! And, whether Snowflake or Generation X or Y or Z, moms love their treasures. 🙂

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This is quite an experience. I was right there as I read through. Very vivid portrayal.

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mums and their boys. I connect and relate with this true life story. so well documented Davy. your observations are lovely reading.

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Another good piece, Dave. But, what sort of fancy paper round is this?! haha. Nothing like my experience of getting up in the dark and cycling in the rain and wind – punctures, chains falling off and squeaky wheels.

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Illuminating experience, made into a fascinating piece, Davy. I find it interesting that ‘paper boys’ still even exist, even though in a 21st Century cosseted format. They don’t breed them like they used to! I suppose there’s some merit in his mother ensuring her lad earns his keep rather than just upping his pocket money.

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Strange how parents in both Britain and America have turned to helicoptering their children in the same generation. I wonder what is causing all that hovering? Why it’s happening through out both nations?

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Oh I loved it, Davy–great laugh about how paper boys “used to ply their trade”…and ahhh, the tenderness of a loving mother, I can only imagine… Wonderful haibun.

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OK, I’ll play the (lovable) old curmudgeon here. That kid needs to do some serious walking. Left foot, right foot. Needs to be prepared for end of fossil fuels😄

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My oldest son traveled by skateboard to delivers his papers. All the young boys in the neighborhood were envious and wanted to grow up to be just like him.

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you took us with you! and the intriguing part was answered beautifully. love it!

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