The Door

The Door


Good one, Davy–so, if the secret shadows were dispelled, would the economy be more light??

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Thought-provoking images, Davy….so much we don’t know about those shadowy figures. 🙂

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Good one, Davy. A timely message here.

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Thought provoking, Davy. Some doorways are extremely fascinating. They engender so many thoughts of what is hidden. An apt photo to accompany your haiku.

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Your posts always make one think and wonder. I like that 🙂 Happy Easter to you and your family, Davy 🙂

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Ironically, I am reading a book called Dark Money, Mr D, about secret money that controls American politics…

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Suspicious people scurrying in and out of that door–I think I’ll walk on by, briskly. But I do love the poem.:)

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oooh. i’ll just leave it like that. (i can sense this involves Math hehe)

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