Poetic Motivations:41

Poetic Motivations_41


… add a dash of the spell-checker and the rhyming dictionary and you’re almost there. Thanks for posting this, Davy.

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    So true Roland and maybe Google 🙂

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    Hmmm, spell check yes, but I think poetry is more about assonance and emotions than worrying about actually rhyming. I tend not to rhyme in my poems when I do write poetry. (I am more of a prose girl.) But a thesaurus has always been my best buddy when I can’t find that perfect word. I haven’t thought about a rhyming dictionary since I taught first grade a million years ago and decided that I wanted to work with older students. But, I suppose, whatever works to get those creative juices flowing is fine. And the “new” style of spoken word poetry that is currently the craze across the globe is quite different that classical poetry of the past, that you or I are used to. It is an amazing venue to get artists to share their creative pieces and have their voices heard. Especially in these turbulent political times.

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      Thank you for the insights Lesley. I agree a lot of today’s poetry has a different and powerful voice. The words and structure of the poems match the turbulence. I have a rhyming dictionary but have only used it about three times. Sometimes trying to fit the poem into a recognised structure kills the emotion.

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Thanks Davy for reminding me about this quote. I used to read Gibran a lot in the late 60’s when I was in college. My favorite was of course his poem on children. (“Your children are not your children…”) I sent it to my mother to remind her to let go and ironically discovered years later that my siblings had also sent her the poem when each of them left for college. When my sons went away to University, I was the one who sent them a copy of it to let them know I was very aware that it was time for me to set them free.
My life was greatly enriched by Kahlil Gibran. Many thanks for reminding me about him. I will have to pick up that dusty old book “The Prophet” that I still have on my shelf and reread it again. It inspired me in my youth. I am sure I will have a whole other take on it now. Thank you.

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Oh my, a most wonderful quote you’ve shared, Davy!

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A very great and wonderful deal, eh Davy?! 🙂

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cannot agree more! overfeeling, oversensing, overobserving, plus dictionary. 😀

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I agree. Especially with the spell check part 😁

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