Hanging Out at the Go Dog Go Treetop Café

Go Dog Go Treetop Cafe

Great news.

There’s a new online café open, the Go Dog Go Treetop Café.

Last week I took the opportunity to drop in and experience the ambiance. The proprietor, Sailorpoet, (or Mr.S as I affectionately call him) has a warm welcome waiting for all visitors and, as well as some cheeky lattes, you may bump into some excellent poets, poetry and maybe a chance for a collaboration or two.

Describing the focus of the café Mr.S said “ I think of coffee shops as places that people go to be social with friends, to meetup with like-minded creative types, or a place shy or introverted people gather in hopes of overcoming their mortal fears and speaking to some interesting stranger across a room.”

During my time there we talked about a poem I had recently written, Seashell, and got into a little poetic jousting in which the following emerged.

She said selling sea shells.
“Sapphire sonnets send submissive salutations savouring suns,
Sometimes sending sweet soliloquies sailing southward.”

Seasick Steve sings sea shanties sucking sharp sherbets.
Stupendous sonnets serenade sick sailors.
Sweeping statements sending sedentary shockwaves speeding.
Sensuous silky slippers sliding.

“So, Saturday swoons,
Stirring sweat stains Sunday?”
“Slip aside sweet sugar.
Set aside said salience
Slippery saliva snails.”

“Sertainly sir.” (sorry)

“Sub Sandwich?”

The Go Dog Go Treetop Café is a wonderful place to hang out, so when you have five minutes please pop over there, you will be pleasantly surprised. (I gave it a 10/10 on Trip Advisor). Please tell Mr.S I sent you, as I think he may be doing 15 per cent discounts for referrals.

Maybe you could add a line or two to our S poem dalliance.



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Reblogged this on sailorpoet and commented:
Mr. D! Thank you and thank you again! This is so fantastic! Mr. s

Maybe next time we ask the letter D to sponsor us?

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Fantastic! Bravo….

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    Thank you Gwen. Writing is easy when you are surrounding by excellent wordsmiths (I include you in this description) Mr. S is gathering such souls at his café and they are well worth a read.

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I so enjoyed this, Davy. You took us right there. You are a master story teller. Thank you for sharing.

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Excellent – thanks for this Dave. Looks an intriguing place to hangout, i’ll be sure to explore it soon.

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lovely Mr D! great words that flowed. I was breathless reading them. you write lovely poetry!

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This was so much fun to read. The cafe sounds fun too 🙂

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So, You sold your soul to the Sailor.
Sounds so similar to that Ancient Mariner. who
Sought solace in the still South Seas
Sinking swiftly under the soulful solitude of his situation
Seduced by those sexy sea Sirens
Soliciting his sensual soul
Suffering seriously but
Staying sane.

Thanks, Davy. Excellent post.

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Amazing and dizzying, Davy D 🙂

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oh it’s as if we we’re with you! and this made me smile! 😀

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So sorry, but I seriously suck at the succinct sentences required for successful sounding verse.
Sad isn’t it?

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Wowza! Great way to start the day. Thank you for sharing.

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Hahaha..you need a 20% discount 🍃🍃😁

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Appreciate the link and mention Mr.S


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