Biography of a Wasp

Biography of a Wasp


visually stunning art Davy..and as always you write short simple but memorable verses..

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why do we touch the things we know will hurt us? thought provoking as usual Mr D.

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Ooooh dear! Fabulous visual and written art, Davy!!

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Lol. Nice one, Davy. Who would have thought of that.

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A lot of truth in very few words. Well done, Davy.

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That’s a huge wasp. As long as they don’t bite me (weirdest of things tend to), it can buzz around as long as it pleases.

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can be taken one way or the other! great thinking, Davy!

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I sense your hurt there again, Davy. With a sting in the tail!

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Your art is clever and scary–Brilliant.

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‘Fraught’ is such a great word, though it’s never coupled with anything positive, that I can recall–vacations aren’t ‘fraught with happiness’, are they? 🙂

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Your poems are so succinct 🙂

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Love that. I read it from the wasps point of view. See they love us really, they just want to hang out and we just slap them away!

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    Each Spring I find two or three queens who overwinter somewhere in the conservatory. It is a great feeling to help them out into the open. I am beginning to grow quite fond of them Martin.

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Very visual words and loved the accompanying art as well. Why is it I can relate, ouch.

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