Poetic Motivations:42

Poetic Motivations_42


Oh, I need to watch the movie again. Thanks for the reminder!

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Great quote, Sir! So, true. It seems to just be an instinct in some people. A primal urge to speak out with words and share what the Universe has whispered to the soul.

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    An insightful observation Charles. Your right, poetry is words whispered by the Universe to the soul. Thanks for popping over and taking time to comment.


Great quote, Davy. Very true, as well.

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What I find so fascinating is the different way in which we respond to the same prompt. Poetic inspiration is so personal, and, as far as I know, unique to the human race – unless more advanced civilisations do exist somewhere out there.

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*arms raced* *fists closed* YEAH!

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Great quote from a great film.

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Oh! I loved the movie. It’s brilliant The quote’s fantastic too.

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