Hanging Out at Roland’s Ragbag

Roland's Ragbag

It’s been a funny time since moving on from the Go Dog Go Treetop Café. If you didn’t know, there is a General Election going on in the UK next month and the British media is full of Pompous Pontificating Politicians and their Blustering Soundbites (sounds like a pop group from the 1970’s).

Needing a break from this I headed off down to the banks of the River Thames to spend some time in a quintessential English Café and a Cream Tea at Roland’s Ragbag.

I have been frequenting the Ragbag for nearly a year now and sat on the terrace, watching boats gliding down the river, reminds me why I come here.

Roland’s Ragbag opened in July 2016 and the proprietor Mr. Roland Keld provides “A Melange, a Miscellany, a Mishmash – of memories, reflections and comment. There is always a warm welcome awaiting and T.S. Eliot’s quote above the door, “These fragments I have shored. Against my ruins.” give a flavour of what to expect.

Inside, the walls are adorned with wonderful drawings and paintings. Two of my favourites, Ebb Tide and The Patchwork Pachyderm, reflect the eclectic atmosphere of the establishment.

The tables are covered with magazines containing personal insights from Roland’s travel of the globe, complete with drawings and photos to match. From the Artic to Venice, and beyond, his literary descriptions jiggle the wanderer in you.

For the poetry connoisseur, there are poetic forms of every description on the menu and one to suit every mood. Whether you want to laugh or cry, it’s all there for you to order.

If you get a chance please pop in to Roland’s Ragbag and say hello to Roland, there is warmth and inspiration in abundance.

Oh, and don’t forget to check out the room at the back. Mr. R. has a library  to die for.

That reminds me.  I need to pop into the neighbourhood library, there’s a book I need to read. I’ll tell you all about it next week.


awwww. love the descriptions of this! too visual like we are there with you! sounds like a good hangout place!

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Roland is a fabulous writer. Am glad you did this , Davy. Shows the magnanimity of your heart, my friend!

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What a lovely write up! Yes, WP can be such a soulful respite in these times ❤🎂☕

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What a lovely way to describe him and his blog 🙂 And I have to agree with you. He is a wonderful writer and human being too 🙂

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I’m pleased with as well as grateful for your commendations, Davy. All poets, if at times I am deserving of such a title, should have a patron. Knowing the qualities of your own intellect and powers of perception, I am honoured to call you that. Do continue to visit me in my “quintessential English Café” – as I will yours.

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I love this write up. Our friend, Roland, is a gem.

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Wonderfully written, I think I will head on over and give him a visit. I’ll let him know you said Hi.

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I love the T-shirt! This is an awesome tribute to your friend. A little late but will visit,

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Fantastic! The T-Shirts are classic. I look forward to exploring Roland’s work.

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Thank you for the link Mr.S. Much appreciated.


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