Dead Poet’s Society

Dead Poet's Society


Very good. Hauntingly beautiful.

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Davy my friend, not only have we just written similar prose but I’ve just changed my Farcebook page to a scene from the film ‘Dead Poets Society’. Some how we’ve got a bit
quantum entangled. Maybe it’s a past life thing, was that you on the back wheel at the siege of Troy ?

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The symbolism is strong, Davy; your words are potent.

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A few words…and a drama emerges. Excellent, Davy. 🙂

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Beyond Beautiful, Sir.

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Dead Poets are very dear to my heart, but a Rose i would think still smells like a rose no matter even as she was wilting, her fragrance remains. I love your haiku, the lines fall into each other so beautifully.

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oh a wilted rose. it is amazing when you see your name (flower) used powerfully. this is amazing, Davy!

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That is so very evocative and deep. This is what I want to read.

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