3rd June – In the Go Dog Go TreeTop Cafe


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Writing can be a lonely place, alone for hours with only memories, thoughts and

emotions for company. Being part of a community (virtual or otherwise) can be a great

help, providing support and encouragement. Gina at Singledust has written this excellent

piece highlighting a community of writers growing and supporting each other through

the Go Dog TreeTop Café. Thank you Gina and to all the writers and poets who contribute

to making each writing day a pleasure.


bty at a new cafe last week!

Welcome to the Go Dog Go Treetop Café

I order a caramel macchiato today, for I need some sugar! I see friends gathered around the table, smiling shaking hands, the circle has widened I note happily, we are blessed to have each other on this journey.

So happy to announce the first Café Collaboration in two parts, S Francis  our cafe host is the brilliant mind behind these two wonderful pieces. His imagination and pure talent combines the pieces from each poet then added his own magic and connected the two parts. I love his ability to make poetry come alive like this!

Solving Lonely Winter Nights

Spring Responds to Winter Loneliness

So I get my coffee and stop and say hello to Charles, The Reluctant Poet, who seems not so reluctant anymore from all the love poems he has been posting! I…

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Yes indeed, writing is lonely. So much of it happens inside of your head, where you are all alone, even in a crowd. Do give me directions to this bustling cafe.

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I pray that you and yours and friends at the cafe are safe and sound.

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You are a great promoter! Oh oh! I finally picked up poemcrazy… will have to bring it to England with me. Maybe over coffee we can plot out some plans for the cafe using it?

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Thanks for the link up Mr. S. Much appreciated.


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