The Unsociability of Socks

The Unsociablity of Socks


oh this was good! I seem to never locate its pair. I strongly believe in the conspiracies!


This is so cool. Love this , Davy. What a great play on words.

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Socks…ohhh socks…..
This is so fun to read and look at to.


Such socks are definitely asking for trouble, Davy. Certainly they lead to the ‘Unsociabilty Of Sex’.

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I never had this trouble with socks but I still find it hilarious whenever I hear friends talking about it. The next escape route! HAHA. I wonder where are they off to?

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I’ve never really had trouble finding socks but oh my did your poem make me laugh. I have heard others complain about it though. As a last resort they end up wearing two different kinds 😁

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Very cute…ha ha ha! They are sneaky creatures, hiding under other clothes or disappearing in the night. Where do they go??!!

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I had a friend who always wore one black sock and one white sock. He said it meant he didn’t have to make decision about which colour to wear and so could sleep later in the morning. Years later it occurred to me that the easiest solution is to only have one colour of socks.

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There is your problem. After the first escape, you threw its mate into the drawer where it was free to incite the others into rebellion.

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I love this, Davy. I used to joke that the single ones were members of “socks without mates.” I wonder, sometimes, if they have a special escape route built into the washing machine.

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Socks rule the world 🙂 what a fun poem. Love it.

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and i was looking for a break on this reporting mundanes and found this haha. thank you for the laughter, D!

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Look in the fourth dimension there the lost socks have a commune and laugh at our silly feet.

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