The Poetry of Politics

The Poetry in Politics

Today is General Election Day in the UK and I have chosen to hang out with a poem, “Dreams nudge the conscious mind awake”  by  Stephen Francis.

I first read the poem a week ago, having made a conscious decision to not vote in this Election.

Politics in the UK is in the gutter. Politicians isolated from the people they are elected to govern, more focused on generating soundbites than listening to the electorate. The debates have been dirty, managed by Spin Doctors and Public Relation Gurus. Facts, and the actual state of the country, no longer take centre stage.

Stephen’s poem fired something inside as the words and thoughts from his poetry  followed me. He talks of “missing something you need to see”; “tasting a moment for what it needs to show,” and “we face a choice.”

His poetry made me search my conscience  and challenge my apathy. Looking into the darkness, I have become angered again with the social injustices taking place in the UK; angry, at how a select few have taken control of a system now focused on profit not fairness; angry, whilst citizens and visitors to the UK are slaughtered and a Government continues to lie; angry, I allowed myself to drift into a notion of doing nothing.

“Dreams nudge the conscious mind awake” and today I vote.

Here is Stephen’s poem (reproduced with kind permission).

Dreams nudge the conscious mind awake.
You are missing something you need to see
Says the image fleeting, too quick, too slight.
Grab hold of the ether and swallow it.
Taste for a moment what it needs to show.

Two doors have opened: one to lightness
The other, darkness. Not the quiet chirp
Of crickets mating darkness. Not the stillness
Under faintest of lights sprinkling down
Like confectionary sugar to sweeten life

darkness. No, this second door has opened to
Darkness demanding: Make a choice! Decide now!
Now! The crickets and stars await in these hours
Stillness sparking poetic riddles. We face a choice
Between Light and Darkness. Like the winter

Wind that returns to watch its beloved flower
Through a Frosted glass pane falling into a love
The slightest crack would both expose to death.
Wind neutralizing summer dancing between
Pedals of the rose like dewdrops gathering

To welcome morning’s bright penetration of stillness
That ignores the simple mating calls and confectionary
Sugar dusted from the stars. The flower unaware
The sting that winter brings, listens to its mournful
Howl, intoxicated like the sirens’ Sailors.

This love is not pure. If we crack this window
What we invite inside our room
Will watch our precious flower tremble
At the loss of warmth and light
As it withers and dies. We face a choice.

What thoughts does this poem inspire in you? I would love to hear them.

Why not bring them over to the Café, the coffees are on me.


Wonderful thoughts.

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Wonderful, ‘Honesty from the heart born of the poet’s art’
If only the world were run by poets ? At least memo’s, statements etc would be more interesting !

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I think politics the world over is contributing to destroying humanity . As Nigel said, if only the world was run by poets.

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Thanks for sharing this, Davy–a poem that stirs and calls the soul to act. And there’s so much darkness in the U.S. now too. This is a wonderful poem.

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    It is so sad Laura, but maybe with wonderful poetry like Stephen’s and people like yourself writing about conservation and climate there will come a point where it starts to make a difference.

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Thank you so much for sharing this Mr. D, but more importantly, thank you for finding the courage to stand up to the face of apathy that feels so easy now. Our politics in America is equally cynical, and it is tragic for the two great nations of the Earth, where both Locke and Jefferson wrote the foundations of a way of governance that offered hope to humanity now being tragically undermined both by terrorists with no regard for the sanctity of human life and politicians who face this apocalyptic view of the world with a cynical grab for money that could not be farther from the Christianity they voice as their own ideology.

Greed, Anger, Hate cannot win if humanity is to win.

May this be the first step for both you and me to put our voice out there, a voice of dissent, a voice of hope, a voice that is louder than cynicism.

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    I’m in there with you. I spent hours today reading articles about climate change and also about how we’re about to start mining the deep ocean floor–big time. We don’t have a way to stop this from getting out of hand, at least not at the moment. Yes, and then there’s the hate too. We live in the Bay Area in California, and my husband recently stood in line at the grocery store behind a man wearing a cap with a Nazi symbol on it. What would Jesus think? What would Jesus do? Those are the questions my fundamentalist Christian church, which I attended as a youth in the deep south, used to teach us to ask ourselves. I’m no longer part of a church community, but, now, I throw that question right back at our politicians who claim to be Christian. And I don’t think he’d be too pleased. My rant is over–time for bed. That’s a wonderful poem S Francis. I’m choosing the door to lightness.

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    Thank you for your wonderful poem Mr.S and shaking me out of my sleepwalk. I know when I wake tomorrow things in the UK will still have the same political drudgery, but like you say we can be strong and rise above the cynicism; and show through our writing there is still hope and joy to be experienced.

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Good stuff…wonderfully put.

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Excellent poem – makes so much sense. I am going to the cafe to join you for coffee.

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Thanks for the words Davy. Here in America, hate and prejudice has taken a hold on so many. America is ready for change. We all understand ‘what’ is wrong but the real problem is no one knows how to fix it. So we set back and do nothing. Politicians are good at taking advantage of apathy.

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God bless UK Davy..and i appreciate that you share to us your thoughts on this election..

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Thanks for the link and mention Maria. I hope you enjoy the Café. Your poetry will be most welcome there.


Thanks for the link up and mention Maria. Enjoy the café.


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