Poetic Motivations:47

Poetic Motivations_47


Another astute reminder for my Memory Book. Thanks, Davy.

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inspiring quote. gives me more reason to be wild.

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I completely agree with this! Sometimes people get too bogged down with the technical aspects of poems: rhyme, metre, etc., and forget that poems are about emotions. No one wants to read a mechanical piece that doesn’t really reflect anything; the better poems are the ones that reflect how we are feeling in ways that only poems can. Thanks for sharing – very interesting! 🙂

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    Thank you and I agree. Sometimes when you try to squeeze the words into a recognised poetry style, they become crushed and lose their meaning. Like yourself I would rather read a wild free form poem full of emotion. Thanks for taking time out to read and comment.

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Wow! What a powerful statement. I agree.

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I agree. It’s not always necessary to get them rhyming or any such thing. As long as it shows the reader what it truly is about, it’s good poetry.

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Such a wonderful statement. I have to be careful about being too wild though…I might throw my hip out.

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hisssssssssssssss! indeed! 😀

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Yes, I have the scars to show for trying to make a poem tamer than it wanted to be. This was great!

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    Thanks Charles. I am revisiting the poems and essays of Basho at the moment and he was a advocate of the poem flowing from first thoughts and not being altered in any way, His thought was if we start to alter the poem we lose the core essence of where it originated.

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      I think I agree with that in general. I find that the poems I like the best came in a single flow and time. You are such a student/reader! I think the love of learning is a precious gift! So, sorry to hear about that building that burned! You guys are really catching it. Are Hopes and prayers are with the survivors and the families of those that did not survive.

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      Thank you Charles, your thoughts and prayers are appreciated.


Good reminder to try to write and edit a poem rather quickly not days later when the emotional fire that first sparked the words has fizzled out.

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True wisdom here. Been working in this zone for a few months now, expressing without tremendous thought to revision largely to make sure I still have a living poem .

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