The Power of Prayer

The Power of Prayer.jpg

We prayed for rain
And it rained
It rained.

We prayed for it to stop
And it stopped
It stopped.

Now we need rain

What can we do?

My knees can’t take any more.

© Davy D 2017


Wonderful. This is quite something. Honestly, it’s awesome.

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Ah, Davy, the power of prayer. One man’s prayer is another man’s dread. The consequence of giving us free will.

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The power of prayer is something. Especially needed now for the people harmed in the fire (saw it on the news). Sending best wishes and prayers your way.

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oh my. oh my. that last line. wow. wow. the depth of this. you use so few words but the power of this.

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Beautifully captured – the mystery of prayer, of God – and us.

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The power of prayer is unsurpassed.

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I am smiling….this is so true Davy..

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Excellent words. Always remember to be careful what you pray(wish) for because it just might come true.

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Prayer can be very powerful. The thing is the answer is not always yes. Sometimes it’s no. Sometimes it’s later. Sometimes it’s another time. Sometimes it’s, I’ve something better in mind. It’s hard to know but I believe either way, prayer is answered.

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Davy my heart goes out to your good country again. Such tragedy. May your prayers help one person, my friend. Mr. S

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Thanks for the good laugh, and may we never tire of prayer nor lose hope in its power. God bless!🙏

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Ha! You always sneak up on me!! This was great! Loved the bit about your knees, but also thought in my head someone saying, Come on man, make up Your mind! Which is it going to be – Rain or no rain? I’ve got other things to do, you know! LOL! So nice!

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    Prayer and its power can be interpreted in so many ways Charles. This was a reflection of a Catholic childhood where we seemed to spend most days in prayer. Thank you for your kind words and comments.


I’m just getting around to this one, but I it reminds of me the Episcopal private school I attended as a girl. We had to go to chapel once a week and kneel during prayer. I love the humor and the echo effect of shorter repeating lines, Davy. My knees wouldn’t be able to take it either! You should see what I clean the tub with so that I don’t hurt my knees. It’s a long stick with a brush attached to the end. 🙂

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Prayer is a network to God. Thanks

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Thank you so much for sharing this on your blog. It is much appreciated.


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