Coffee With Basho

Coffee with Basho

When times are tough or when things start to darken your soul, do you have a favourite poem or poet you like to retreat to? The work of Japanese Haiku Master, Basho, provides a bolthole for me on such occasions, and recent events in the UK have led me to revisit his poetry.

In his sketch, The Records of a Travel- Worn Satchel, Basho advocated “all who achieve greatness in art possess one thing in common………. they are one with nature.” He spent his time travelling alone around Japan and getting closer to nature. He found the solitude (shabi) helped to block out distraction and enabled him to find lightness (karumi) and a spirit of poverty (wabi) to write his haiku.

Reading Basho takes you into the heart of nature, blocks out the distractions provided by a world seemingly hell bent on destroying itself. Sometimes the noise from current events provides a disconnect from our reason for being. Reconnecting with Basho has reconnected me with nature. I have experienced again, the feel of wet grass on bare feet, watched bees dancing amongst the lavender, listened to the blackbird announcing the dawn.

Basho’s work reminds us that the awe and simplicity of nature will always shine a light in the darkness.

What poems or poets provide an escape for you? I would love to hear about them.

Why not pop over to the Go Dog Go Café. I’ve taken Basho’s poetry over there and there’s coffee and a café haiku going on.


A timely reminder. I have recently taken up running (well, I say run, it’s more of a shambling jog) and I get as much from just being out in the fields and countryside as I do from the exercise.
The other day I was watching the breeze over a wheat field. It was awesome in the true sense of the word.

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this was very well put Davy, if only more of us make nature something sacred we could avoid so much destruction of the world and her inhabitants, we have grown so out of love with the beauty of life.

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Appreciating nature is a wonderful way to reconnect – Good for you, Davy.

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Must give your Basho a closer look, Davy. For me it is Wordsworth – Tintern Abbey, etc. – who takes me closest to Nature.

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Mr. D, first thank you for this post. I have been working my way around the room to catch up on other writing after a week lost to comments with work. So today is your day, and mine to for getting to relish your wisdom! I will swing by the cafe and toss some haiku with you too.

Really brilliant perspective and writing here. Very happy to read it. I have been mulling over taking long walks around Singapore and Malaysia to write in a Basho style. This pushes me a little closer. Nice post!
Mr. S.

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sigh. your thoughts about him make me want to read him. there is just too much happening right now.

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I like reading Geetanjali by Rabindranath Tagore, it inspires me and keeps me on my track when things go haywire, and yes being one with nature truly helps us.

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