Thoughts of a Traveller

sunset-at-miyajima-1234881-1280x960Image Credit:

Immersed in Basho,
a darkening world dissolves
in haiku footsteps.

On mirrored water,
dancing Boatmen bring lightness
to poetic thought.

Lavender odours
quash the stench of terrorists,
and, in the reading,

nature brings reason
for participating in
each given moment.

© Davy D 2017


So lovely, Davy.

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Peace, awe, humble. An antidote to the ills of life today.

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so good to concentrate on one serene moment…

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Beautiful. I love these lines:-
Lavender odours
quash the stench of terrorists…

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Travelling is the best, immersing oneself in other cultures. I will never be too scared to visit other countries. Paris has always been my happy place, and will continue to be. Londoners too are strong people and I give them a gigantic hug.❤️😘

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    Thanks Fiona. Having spent most of my life living in Cities I now prefer the slower pace of the countryside. City living has provided me with many happy memories. You are right in what you say people who live in cities have a different energy and outlook.

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Impressive Davy
Reflects Basho in haiku
Nature’s combatives.

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Beautiful and outstanding, Davy.

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Nature is the mother and father of all art. If you don’t connect and love nature your creations become empty.

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don’t be a watcher , be a participant, even if it’s just to bring a melody across the sea – you made the words sing Mr D!

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The tranquility in this poem combined with the picture really comes through. Lovely!

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Thanks again for the link Laura.


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